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What is Structural Integration and CranioSacral Therapy?

Structural Integration therapy (Equine Natural Movement) and CranioSacral Therapy work together by releasing and reorganizing holding patterns in your horse’s fascial web (connective tissue). Returning your horses body to its natural balanced way of being and moving. The beauty of this approach, is that it has the ability to work through superficial layers of tension, gradually unwrapping deeper accumulated restrictions from discovered holding patterns in your horse’s body. The effects of this integrated bodywork are long lasting as it not only relaxes, but also re-educates the horse fascial system and nervous system.


What are the Sessions Like? 


This balanced bodywork approach uses a very slow hands-on technique. Sometimes done as a 5 series. Each session will have a slightly different focus. The entire horse is always assessed by integrating the body front to back and side to side. Generally, this takes place in the stall, so they are free to move and express themselves while we are working together. If need be, the owner may hold the horse during the session.


How Can This Work Help My Horse?

This work re-educates the horses fascial system and nervous system. Helping establish more connection within the horse’s structure, resolving issues of imbalance and improving movement and attitude. By rebalancing and re-patterning the way the horse uses his whole body, your horse can begin to access their full potential!



Benefits of this integrated bodywork

  •   More Graceful Movement

  •   Optimal Overall Performance

  •   Reduced Injury

     Increase Suppleness, Energy, and Impulsion

  •   Increase capacity to regulate nervous system

  •   Increased Freedom Through Transitions 

  •   Power & Strength Through Efficient Use 

  •   More Willing, Social and at Ease 

  • Increased body awareness

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